Professional Frequently Asked Questions

We carefully collected the most commonly asked questions about our services. Please learn more about La Ross and Son

What is The La Ross and Son Business?

Interior Floors: Textured Finish, Concrete Coloring, Concrete Resurfacing, Interior Concrete Floors.
Outdoor Concrete: Concrete Patios, Colored Concrete, Concrete Walkways, Concrete Driveways, Decorative Engraving, Concrete Resurfacing, Stamped Concrete (Stencil), Exposed Aggregate Concrete

There are good products that claim to do these repairs, however if the cracks are quarter to half inch or larger in width the cause is normally because of lack of reinforcement, settling of the base material, a tree root lift or water damage. In these cases we suggest tear out and removal to replace the damaged area with new, properly reinforced concrete.

Renovation of a home or property means changes and updates were made to the property, but major structural changes did not take place. For example, painting the interior of a kitchen, replacing the faucet and appliances, and redoing the flooring would all fall under a renovation. However, if walls were moved and the space was expanded or changed, this would be called a remodel

  • Renovation means “restore to a good state of repair.”
  • Remodel means “to change the structure or form of something.”
  • Construction involving renovation refers to “restoring” an existing structure, replacing the old with the new.

We use 3 types of reinforcement:

(1) Re-Bar
(2) Wire Mesh also known as rewire
(3) Fiber – fiber is small particles of fiberglass added to the truck at the plant which binds the elements together.

We use a combination of these reinforcement agents and sometimes all three are required. Every particular job has its own set of requirements as a job site conditions dictate. For example: If you have very sandy soil and poor drainage conditions, you would need the maximum amount of reinforcement.