Driveway Extension/ Addition

Driveway Extension/ Addition

Why widen driveway?

Most people consider a driveway expansion when they need more space to park and move vehicles. Many driveways were built with just one or two smaller vehicles in mind, but changes within the family can make that driveway significantly cramped. You may choose to park an extra car on the road, but this solution opens that vehicle up to a world of accidental and incidental damage that doesn’t happen when the vehicle is safely parked on an expanded driveway.

Homeowners often widen a driveway when they replace a single-car garage with a larger one, or decide to extend the remainder of a long driveway that’s only halfway paved.

Driveway extension ideas

Expanding your driveway seems like a fairly simple task, but you need to consider a number of factors before going ahead with the project. Determine how exactly you want to widen the driveway: on both sides, on one side or extend its length?

Consider what existing driveway portions, landscaping elements or obstacles like tree roots are in the way. Moving a row of hedges doesn’t have to be terribly expensive (although it can be backbreaking) but moving installations like retaining walls or planters will add both expense and time to the project.

The driveway material you choose is also a big factor to consider when you expand your drive. Adding a stretch of additional concrete or asphalt may be the simplest approach, but due to age and weathering, there could be differences in color between the original driveway and your expansion that can create an odd look. One way around this problem is to use a different material altogether for the driveway expansion, such as stamped concrete or brick pavers. That way, you highlight the differences instead of trying to hide them, giving the driveway a distinct, two-tone feel.

You also have to keep drainage factors in mind when planning a wider driveway. If your property near the driveway is well-drained and slopes gently toward the road, you’ll probably be fine, but if the area has drainage issues or slopes toward your house, expanding your driveway could worsen a flooding problem or even create one. Adding swales on either side of the expanded driveway or installing a drain across the driveway could solve the problem, but will certainly add expense to the project.

Overall cost to widen driveway

A proper driveway extension will have to be installed just like the original driveway, so even if you’re just adding a few feet to each side, you may incur some considerable costs with excavating the area, setting up the driveway base and then installing the extension. A professional concrete or asphalt contractor will ensure your existing driveway remains stable so you don’t have issues where the old driveway needs to be replaced a year or two after you pay for an extension.

Most contractors offer a free estimate for paving jobs like this. They also can easily determine whether you’ll need any repair or patch work to your existing concrete or asphalt in addition to installing the expansion. It may seem expensive to hire a paving company to add just a few strips of pavement to your driveway, but it’s a job that requires a lot of know-how to turn out right.

Hire a well-referenced contractor to ensure the driveway expansion lasts as long as the original driveway, gives the home a cohesive look and allows you ample room to park a new set of wheels or comfortably invite more guests.

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